Sneaker Love

I used to be a MAJOR sneaker head growing up. I wanted every pair of Nike Air Max that came out. My parents and boyfriend (now hubby) supported this addiction. But then I graduated college and had to start adulting, which meant getting a job. I am in IT so my first two jobs allowed me to wear whatever I wanted. However, I quickly learned to start dressing for the position I wanted, not the position I currently had. It was then that I discovered the beauty of a pair of heels and how I could get that same feeling AND appear taller at the same time! It’s been on and poppin’ ever since.

Anyway, this meant that I rarely got the chance to wear sneakers anymore so I don’t bother buying many of them these days. BUT THESE?!?! I had to have. You know how on cartoons, you see the character’s heart eyes pop out of their heads on a spring (like the ? emoji on crack) when they see something/someone they really love? Yeah that was me with these Rose Gold Nike Air Max.

Shoes: Nike (exact, exact)

I couldn’t wait to style these babies. I didn’t want anything taking away from them so I went for as basic as I could get. A plain white tee and white jeans with matching rose gold accessories. But don’t look at me. Look at the shoes. ?

BTW, it was cold as all get-out when we took these pics!!! See the bumps on my arm? LOL!!! Shout out to my girl, Latoya! She’s the best. #fashionbloggerlife