The Journey

The Liebster Award

Hey yall! Last week I received an unexpected DM on Instagram from the beautiful Naomi Trevino  of, letting me know that she had nominated little ol' me for the Liebster Award and how she loved what I was doing! Now, I'm gonna keep it real with yall - I had never heard of this award so when I saw the message, I immediately Google'd it. LOL! But, talk about confirmation!! I see you, God, I see you!! How the Liebster Award Works: The Liebster Award basically recognizes new bloggers! It is a way to connect us with others who ...
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How Did I Get Here? Part 1

Well, obviously I know how I got here. My mom and dad did the thing to make the thing and then the know that thing. Lol. But the "here" I am referring to is this place in my life where I am writing blog posts, taking pictures, putting myself out there for all to see. Since about 2010, I have been asking myself "What is my purpose in life? What did God put me here to do?" All of that time was not spent actively trying to find my purpose. It mostly consisted of me just wondering and asking ...
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